Don’t let anyone steal your peace

Don’t let anyone steal your peace

I heard this saying twice last night from two different people. I figure it must be a lesson I need.

A customer came up last night and was rude. She was argumentative and abrupt and left me frustrated and hurt. My boss told me not to let anyone steal my peace. So I let it go.

She came back, hostile and aggressive. Pushing me to fix something the way she wanted it. Again, I struggled with anger, hurt, and frustration. This time another customer walked up and said, “don’t let anyone steal your peace.”

When I get hurt and/or angry, I want to stop what I am doing, hide from the world and binge on carbohydrates. That was not available to me. My boss found the customer, re-introduced me to her, and told us to get to know one another. I tried… She just isn’t a warm fuzzy person…. And instead of getting more frustrated I said “Enjoy your yoga class. May it bring you peace. I look foward to practicing and finding my peace as well.”

The point is, I am learning new skills. I didn’t hide or stay frustrated. I found a way to take care of myself without conflict. I am learning to find, treasure, and protect my peace.

No one has the right to steal our peace. Find a way to honor yourself, stay focused, and do so without regret. Here is to a healthy day!

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