Phase 3-Next step into uncharted Waters

ok, so phase 3…..CARBS…..I don’t know about you, but I was very scared going into phase 3. Was I going to gain back the weight I had worked so very hard to lose? I made a point to plan out my days and talk with Renee several times a day in preparation for this. I found phase 1 and phase 2 easy to follow and a groove that I could naturally slide into, but phase 3 had so many variables. Cheese? would my body be able to process it again?

At some point…the first step needs to be taken and that is what I did exactly two weeks ago. Overall, I’ve managed to lose 3 pounds in two weeks and I have found a routine. My breakfast consists of two slices of Ezekiel spouted whole grain bread, 1 egg, 1 slice of cheese and my IP premade chocolate with espresso. SO much food! It sustains me and I feel great now that I’m in a flow with it. I space out my breakfast a bit so its not overwhelming all at once.

The other thing about phase 3…..I get to workout! I can not share how much I am loving being able to get in a good cardio workout and let those endorphins rush through my body. Overall, with Phase 3, the best thing I have found is being able to talk with the coaches about my choices and plan out each day. I will most likely continue eating mostly a phase 3 style diet for the rest of my life with the occasional “cheat meal.” Tomorrow is the first official day of maintenance…Stay tuned…

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