OK, deep breath in. This past week sucked! I am on maintenance… I received a project at work that turned into a very aggressive schedule. I worked 15-18 hours daily and survived on 3 hours of sleep. I did zero exercise, and 90% of the time I never got out of my chair. I pulled one all nighter. I was tired, didn’t drink my water and used food and caffeine to keep me going… And I feel like crap! Yesterday I couldn’t make myself do anything. After a good night sleep, Today is my day to regain control. I started with my chocolate drink mix, hot water, SF hazelnut syrup, cinnamon, ginger, cayenne pepper. Made a list of what needs to get done. Going through and prioritizing it so that what I NEED… Gets the highest priority. I need to put this somewhere for accountability. I don’t want to loose sight of how hard I worked… And how far I have come.

If you don’t know me… In 2003 I returned to CA 311 pounds, divorced, and in pain. In 2004 I had gastric bypass. In 2008 I started noticing the scale creeping back up… I never really took it all off… But I was holding around 180. In 2014 I found Renee and Judy and I was 211… (And had been “dieting” to get down to that number.) In 2015 I hit goal 158. I have stayed close to 158. I know that my week of crazy will show on the scale… But I also know it’s not permanent. This is what IP gave me… The ability to live, think, and make corrections… A lesson I never fully learned before. I am one of a few success stories in the world of gastric bypass… But while the surgery did its job… I wish I had found IP before hand. This plan is the right one for me and my body…

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  1. Do u know if there is sugar in the “Ideal Protein Chocolate Pudding?”

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