A good day

A good day

Yesterday I made it to my clinic… I stocked up on chocolate drink mix and the items to make my sandwich rolls (Janeva’s potato rolls page 30.).

I need to keep things very simple while I fight my way through… The object is not to get overwhelmed.

Just making the appointment was a victory! It’s going to take a while to get back in balance, but a friend of mine posted a picture yesterday that I really needed… So today I share it with you!

Find a victory, no matter how small, and celebrate it!

Yesterday I was able to have several victories! I ate healthy and clean, I managed to walk my dog farther than the corner and back, and I only had one cup of coffee.

This morning I walked 2 miles and still have a little energy… Resting now, to recharge a bit… Then my goal is to do some much needed house keeping (been way to long). Nothing drastic…trying to be kind to my body and be smart about using what little energy I have!

Today is a victory!


pictutes: new shoes to help my feet, healthy eating, celebrating everyday


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