Fighting to move

Fighting to move

Sometimes my world gets over whelming. I battle the blues. When I do get hit, I am beyond exhausted, every joint in my body hurts, and the only thing I want to eat is either sweet or salt.

I know I should get moving, but just thinking about it brings me to tears. Often I just simply have to force myself to get out of bed and just do the bare minimum.

Lately I have found I have been turning to caffeine and carbs to provide microbursts. I know this is not a healthy, smart, or sustainable choice…

On Sunday I had energy… I was so excited that I cleaned my closet!!!! I went through and got rid of clothes that don’t fit right or I have nothing to wear with it. Half way through my task I was requested to do something else… When I came back to my task, I sat down and cried… It was overwhelming again.

This is how we treat diets. We do great when everything is going smoothly… You are loosing, gaining confidence, and full of vitality… And then something blocks you… And it’s so easy to step off the track… And be derailed… And getting back on…. Overwhelming.

I am fighting. Fighting the blues. Fighting my craving for sugar… Fighting to get back on track… I have so much to be thankful for… And I have so much to be proud of…. And it is worth the fight…

In case you think you are alone… Just know… I am bone tired…. But I am still in the fight. Every day I make myself get up… And keep going… And I will win!

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