Just keep moving

Just keep moving

Unfortunately I have always been an all or nothing kind of girl. I either give everything I have towards something, or I walk away. If I believe in something I fight, way past common sense.

In many things, this is healthy. I have fought with everything I have to get the weight off. I love the people in my life with my heart and soul.

In other things, this does not work in my favor, and I need to be reminded that slow and steady are also beneficial.

My energy level is slowly coming up… We have a long way to go!!!! My tendency is to burn it all up when I have it… Because I never know when I will have it again. Today, I got back on my bike for the first time in a VERY long time. My legs are strong…. So I was all set to push hard…. A little voice told me, take it easy… Let’s go slow, do a few miles and build… (That would be my hubby’s voice!)

Yesterday I rode just a few miles, and we took our time… It felt AMAZING! And I am not wiped out… I drank plenty of water, and had a chocolate drink mix as soon as we finished. Today my bum hurts, and I am going to just chill out!!!!

Baby steps… Gotta go slow so I don’t go backwards!!!!!

pictures: me all decked in my riding gear, my sandwich (left over roasted chicken and Spaghizza Sauce on a Potato Purée bun with pickles) and salad

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