Ideal Protein & PCOS


What is the relation between the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method and pregnancy?

In North America 10-15% of women are diagnosed with PCOS. This condition affects the balance of hormones and metabolic processes in the body resulting in ovarian cysts, irregular menstrual cycles, infertility from lack of ovulation, male pattern hair growth (hirsutism), skin discoloration, acne and weight loss difficulties.  PCOS can increase the risk of developing Type II diabetes and metabolic syndrome (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, central obesity and elevated blood sugar).

Insulin resistance plays a contributory role to PCOS. Carbohydrate (sugar) consumption causes insulin to be secreted from the pancreas. When the cells of the body become resistant to insulin high levels of sugar remain in the blood, triggering the pancreas to continue to release insulin and further elevate levels. Women suffering from PCOS are therefore often recommended to eat a low carbohydrate, low fat and high protein diet.  Sugar reduction is one of the most effective treatments however a standard low carb diet can be labour intensive and time consuming to prepare all the necessary foods.

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss program is designed to treat insulin dysfunction by reducing carbohydrates, consuming the ideal amount of protein and reducing fat intake. By re-stabilizing insulin, Ideal Protein can help eliminate ovarian cysts symptoms, increase weight loss and increase fertility.   Weight loss of only 5% can restart ovulation as hormones are regulated.

Ideal Protein offers a wide selection of sweet and savory foods to satisfy cravings. High quality proteins are used in soups, drinks, puddings, omelets, bars, chips and more. Appetite is greatly reduced after the first or second week while cravings disappear as insulin levels become balanced. An average loss of 2 lbs a week is expected, with more, often in the first week alone. The Ideal Protein protoco is not a lifestyle, the program is used to rehabilitate metabolism and blood sugar regulation.  The body is re-sensitized to insulin and a stable healthier weight can finally be achieved. Ideal Protein is an effective treatment for the maintenance and symptoms of PCOS.

Fertile Women Should Know …

It takes about three days to completely “drain the glycogen tank” and force your body to really get into the fat burning mode. This means we probably wouldn’t see a measurable increase in estrogen levels until at least a full week into the program. We counsel women who are still fertile to use a “back-up” form of contraception in addition to BC’s if they are sexually active and are starting the protocol, as changes in their cycles may occur and may render the pills less effective particularly if they have 25 lbs or more to lose.

Interestingly we have seen many women become pregnant who were previously unable to conceive after doing our diet. PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome), one of the leading causes of infertility is strongly correlated with hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance. Improving this by the diet may help lessen the symptoms associated with this increasingly common female disorder.

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