Does your weigh in weigh on you?

I have always been a person who thrives on accountability. A big group project due? Why yes I would like to spearhead it and make sure it is done on time. Oh, you need help with planning a potluck? Let me assist! The same is true when it comes to my weight loss journey. I like the accountability of knowing that I have my weigh in each week and that I am accountable to myself to stick with a program. Being in “the great wide open” AKA maintenance, we are our accountability buddies and having the weigh in each week makes me aware that I will have to step on the scale honestly.

This honesty is something important in phases 1-4. Seeing the results, meeting with the coaches, and checkin in holds such value.

What I have found that works best for me is to have my “cheat meal” for the week as close to right after my weigh in as possible. I like having the accountability of the weigh in so I can’t “stray” too far off course. My weigh in is tomorrow–I did over indulge last night, but today is a new day. Today I will be eating Phase 2 because that is my reset space and my body craves it. One day at a time. Keep Calm and weigh in 😀

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