Problems with Deviation

Unfortunately some people deviate while following the Ideal Protein weight loss method and while it’s understandable why this happens, there are some things you should keep in mind that may help you avoid future problems.

Every time you deviate, whether it’s with a carbohydrate or a fat based meal, you will lose muscle mass because your body will gather the energy from both muscle and fat (mostly muscle as it is available quicker for the body) in order to metabolize and store the carbohydrates.

The more you deviate, the harder it will get for you to finish the IP weight loss method! It is all in your head, but basically you are teaching your body that when it craves, you will give it the sugars it is mentally craving for. This will cause havoc in your diet and make it almost impossible to get back on track.

With Ketosis your fat will be transported as fatty acids through your blood stream. When you eat something that is either high in fats or high in carbs, you will cause your system to stop and your body will burn and store whatever you just ate.  Although you may or may not notice any difference your blood certainly will and your body will now have to metabolize, store and also get rid of the fatty acids in the blood stream.  This can elevate your cholesterol levels and cause other medical problems.

We never encourage anyone to deviate, but we also understand sometimes festivities, parties or gatherings may come your way and you might decide to participate. Always talk to your coach and plan ahead for these occasions so that deviations don’t happen.


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