Tips to Avoid Tempting Halloween Sweets

Keep your weight loss on track during the Halloween season with our simple strategies to enjoy the holiday without sacrificing your diet.

Eat Well – Three nutritious meals with no more than four hours between them will keep you sated. Satisfied, with your blood sugar in check, the sight and smells of Halloween temptations — be they waving from the grocery aisle, your candy-stocked cupboard, or a friend’s party — are less intense. Planning (not grabbing) is the key to keeping your overall daily intake of calories, fat, sodium, and cholesterol on track.

Stay hydrated – thirst often masquerades as hunger. You may be tempted to eat a Halloween treat when you’re really just thirsty.

Buy Candy Late – Having tempting candy around can be a big diet challenge. Resist the urge to buy a bag of Skittles a month before the big night. By only storing the goodies for 24 hours, you can save yourself a lot of temptation. Also, you can usually find big discounts on candy sold that late.

Buy Candy You Don’t Like – Keep cravings at bay by purchasing treats that won’t interest you. Then you won’t be tempted to eat it. Not a coconut fan? Buy coconut-filled chocolate candy for your trick-or-treaters. Or maybe nut-filled treats don’t tempt you — Snickers or peanut M&Ms may be a good solution for your candy dish.

Store Halloween Treats Out of Sight – We’re much more likely to dip into food, regardless of whether we’re hungry, when it’s within view and in 2 yards’ reach. So, store treats in drawers, behind doors, on high shelves, or in out-of-the-way pantries. Better yet, resist the temptation to open the bag. Once it’s open, it’s too easy to slip in for a quick bite. Enjoy Parties for the Atmosphere, Not the Food Attend Halloween parties for the fun and friends, not the food. Note: Parties are full of fun distractions, including fun decor, making it a challenge to fully enjoy food and drink. Why waste allotted indulgences then?

Have a Healthy Snack Before you go so you Arrive Sated – Plan ahead what you’ll allow for food and drink, then stick to your plan. – Choose a small plate, allow yourself one trip to the spread, and sit and savor your food. – Position yourself away from food during the Halloween party.

Handle Halloween Temptation at the Workplace – In a meeting where treats are served? You’re a captive candy audience, so be sure to remove candy bowls to a side table or sit as far away as possible. Another strategy is to reroute your normal walking path if you pass baskets of tempting candy. If you don’t see it and aren’t reminded of the treats, it’s a lot easier to say no.

Sip on a Low-calorie Beverage – Keep your hands and mouth busy by drinking a zero-calorie cup of hot tea (rich with disease-fighting antioxidants) or big glass of water. Make the Ideal Protein Chocolate Drink Mix into a hot chocolate, which can satisfy your sweet tooth.

Replace the candy with better choices! Enjoy your favorite Ideal Protein snack bar!! We have lots of yummy chocolate options!

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