Dancing in the Dark

It was the best of times and it was also a tough time. My stress level is higher than normal, I have been hit in two accidents in the last two weeks, wedding in 17 days, graduating from my masters program in 50 days, and at the end of the day making the right choices is hard. I am doing the maintenance tango where I bounce +/- three pounds and I am mostly ok with that considering the circumstances. Where to draw motivation when the times are tough? The diary cards I posted on a couple weeks ago have definitely helped and keep me accountable. I am grateful for this. In the same vein, entering my food into myfitnesspal also keeps me accountable to what I am consuming.

Today, I am being gentle with myself. You and me body are on this journey together and nobody else is. We have coaches, cheerleaders, and distractors, but inevitably it is us and our body in this thing called life. So last night I chose tacos; this morning I choose my chocolate premade.

Dance, Dance, Dance.

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