img_7964My reboot appointment (I will face the scale and I am scared!) is set for Thursday. My plan is to start today.

I woke up this morning full of determination… and was immediate buried in excuses.

1)All this food will go to waste. Most of it my Mom insists on keeping.
2) I don’t have chocolate drink mix, which is how I normally start EVERY morning with my coffee.
3) The fridge is so packed full of junk there is zero room for healthy food.

These and many more tumbled into my head immediately. It’s soooo easy to let the excuses pile up. After all my appointment isn’t until Thursday, I can just start then. Right?
I can take today to clean up and organize…. That would be smart…. Right?
New Year’s Eve is around the corner. I can start fresh in 2017…RIGHT?

But… something isn’t Right! I woke up DONE. I don’t want the crap, I don’t want the excuse, and I don’t want to hurt and feel sick anymore. I don’t want to put this off another minute.

I have two refrigerators. One we normally keep sofas. My family sucked through all the soda I would have been tempted by… so I am taking over that one. My Mom can keep her crap… but I don’t have to see it. I am taking two cupboards and designating them for my healthy options. I have a three drawer rolling cart in my office that my hubby bought for my IP supplies.

I have IP food… enough to get me through to Thursday. I found dark chocolate pudding and added a bit to my coffee. It will do!

Today is my day! There will be no more excuses, and I will enter the new year feeling good for taking control NOW!!!

Today is the day!  Carp diem!

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  1. Nancy,

    Stick with IP…because it works! It truly is a day by day choice to live it and the results can come so quickly if you do. I recently finished P1 and have P2 for two more days. I’m down 145 pounds and people seriously don’t recognize me. It’s like losing a conjoined twin…lol.

    Best of luck to you and be strong!


    • Lol! I lost 70+ pounds and maintained for 2 years on IP. I became sick and have to reboot to get back on track. 100% believe in this program… I know it works and I will get right back to my happy weight! Here is to health and happiness in the new year!!!

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