You’ve got a friend

Judy and Renee (my coaches) have always been amazingly supportive. Yesterday the clinic was closed and I clearly had not planned my restart date very well. (Though they did reach out to me!)

My first thought was to just wait and start after my appointment on Thursday. That wasn’t going to work for me. I found my determination and decided to start even though I didn’t have my favorite IP foods. I do have enough IP food, because, thanks to Janeva, I bought all kinds of food to try different recipes….

Yesterday I posted about my determination to begin immediately. My friend Anjanette read my post… and she brought me enough of my chocolate drink mix to get me started!

I have written before about it taking a village to make this diet work. Oddly, my hubby started IP after I had phased off last time. This is the first time I have ever had a partner who is in the same trench! I have always had the online support groups… but this… this is pretty amazing!

Highly recommend if you have a friend who is ready… ask if they want to join you! That ready hug… here try this… go to coffee with our IP vanilla ready made… that is a HUGE boost.

I feel grateful to my village today! My coaches, my hubby, my online buddies… and my IP Partner Anjanette. Girl… as always… you are something special!


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  1. Thank you for this post this morning. I began IP on 11/1 and was doing fabulous. Was, being the operative word here. I thought I could take Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off from plan, fully intending to be back to business immediately. I am struggling!!! Every day I find another excuse to eat the cookies, drink the beverages, and basically gain back all of the 18 pounds I’d lost.

    I sure would like to be back on track today.

    • Tina, it’s really hard to get back on once you fall off… but it was really hard to start the first time too. We can do it!!! Today is my day 3. I feel so much better just knowing I am back in control… I very glad I didn’t give myself yet another excuse. You’ve got this.

      • I really didn’t have too much trouble the first time around, Nancy. Something just clicked and I was off and running. I think the issue now is that there is just so much tempting food around.
        4+ mile walk with a friend so I’m feeling good. One moment at a time…..

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