Atta Girl

Yesterday was rough… no joke! By 6pm I had consumed my food for the day and was drinking water to try and ease the starvin-Marvin within. I was in bed by 8:30 to keep out of the refrigerator.

This morning I did my typical routine, got up… drank my chocolate drink mix and coffee and took the pup for her morning walk.

Everyday this week I have walked past a girl who was out walking too. I always say good morning as I pass her…but that was it. Today we actually walked a bit together. She told me she was loosing weight and had started walking on Monday. She talked about how the first day hurt. She talked about how seeing me in the morning and having me exchange pleasantries with her encouraged her to get up and do it again the next day. Today is also her day 5… and she was determined to walk with me… to tell me that my energy was contagious and just what she needed!

Holy cow… I guess you never know who is watching. Her name is Hortencia, and we are going to walk together tomorrow morning! Another Buddy!!!! I tell you, it takes a community… and there are lots of us who can be there for each other… even if it’s a simple atta girl!!!

So if you are struggling… fight… you can do it… atta girl… chin up… close the refrigerator door. Put your shoes on… walk. You’ve got this!!!!

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