Change in Routine

Today is the first day back into “the real world”.  For the past 8 days I have been either off work or working from home.  Cooking was easy, prepping was easy, and refrigeration was handy… Yeah… life was easy.

This morning I woke up to a household that had little sleep, little energy, and still battling that nasty cold.  I had to pack my lunch, my breakfast, my snack.  I had to plan around meetings, figure out how to get the water in front of my face, and not screw up by eating all the sweets that EVERYONE brought to work to get out of their own home…

I did this for 7 months before… and it feels like it’s all foreign to me… How did I do this all before?  How did I make everything happen and not cave to the frustration, cravings, and temptation that is being thrown at my head?  Was it really that much simpler the first time?

No, I faced all of this before, just as I am now.  And today I am armed with the knowledge that I will get to goal… and I will feel MUCH better, and I will be stronger.  Because I HAVE done this, and I KNOW it works.

It’s cold, so I took leftover beef stoup (Janeva’s recipe) that needed to be consumed.  Plenty of veggies, lots of warm broth, and a bit of beef.  I brought my Pre-Made Vanilla drink to add to hot decaf coffee… with a little peppermint extract… and I have my Peanut Butter bar.  I packed a gorgeous pepper to snack on… and dinner is already planned and in the fridge ready to go.  (Montreal chicken, zucchini, and a nice big salad.)

Today is my reboot Day 9.  And this routine will work just fine!!!!!

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  1. Rebooting is SO MUCH HARDER than the first time was. I have been trying to reboot for over a year; actually, since February of 2015, so almost two years. I weigh more than I ever have in my entire life, having to lose a good 140 or so pounds…that’s what some people weigh!

    It is tough, but I am so very determined to do it all the way this time, just like you. I am 66 years old and I pretty much used that as an excuse to NOT do the program. Sort of like asking myself if I even HAVE a year to do this? How dumb is that?

    Time passes, no matter what you are doing. I am ashamed of myself because I don’t have hardly any of the roadblocks that you have…I have a self-sufficient husband and no kids; I am retired and can do exactly what I want to do. So, I love reading about your progress…you give me hope. Thanks for doing this. We shall overcome.

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