When hormones fight back

Like many women “of a certain age”, my hormones are not playing nice. My body is holding onto fat like a kangaroo Mommy protecting her infant Joey… Fast and in the belly pouch!

I have been hot, cold, crying, laughing… and all within a matter of seconds.

I have been logging my food, walking, 100% on protocol for 7 full days. I just today can tell I am in real ketosis. There is that tinny taste that happens.

I know, at least my logical brain knows, that the diet is working. My emotional portion of the brain is questioning it. Today’s goal is to stay focused. This is when I tend to get sloppy…

The scale is creeping down… ever so slowly. I have to remind myself this is not a race… this is a way of life, and one that will help me feel better.

I’m up… chocolate drink down the hatch… prepping for my walk with the pooch (who is sound asleep because it’s cold and wet outside!!! Get up lazy dog!!!)


Keep focused… no excuses… make today the best you can!

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