Reality and expectations

Today is my Day 10 in my reboot.  Tomorrow is my official weigh in!


I am on several support sites, and I read a LOT of different information.

I love reading about the folks who loose 10-15 pounds their first week… that is until I weigh in and find I have lost 2. Then I fight the blues…

You find these mentors who loose all their excess weight and keep it off… so easy… but you didn’t keep everything off… most but not everything… and it was NOT easy!

The reality is that we are all unique. Some of us battle health issues that make weight loss a struggle… the pounds may take “forever” to melt away. It may take Herculean effort too keep the weight off… and you may have to hit phase 1 hard for a bit now and then.

The reality is, this program works if you do it exactly as prescribed… but it may take time for your body to get into the grove… and it may turn into a screaming, tantrum throwing, two year old and NOT BUDGE… from time to time..

Stay the course. It’s worth it… and at the end of the day, our expectation is simple… loose the excess weight… this will happen if we do the work!

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