When laser focus isn’t in your best interest.

Today is my Day 11… I have a rough idea of where I started 11 days ago, but not an exact number. My first official “starting again weight” was on day 5, and I weighed 183.6.

I do know that my home scale this morning said I weighed 178.9.. fresh out of the shower in my birthday suit.

I went to my appointment today knowing the scale at the clinic would be higher. I was right. And the blues hit… I lost weight. I weigh 181 according to the scale. I am proud of the loss… but I was hoping and praying that just this once, my clothes… same ones every week… would weigh nothing… that breakfast and water would not change the scale.

And then it hit me… it’s a freaking number. I woke up proud of how hard I worked. I woke up feeling really good about myself for the first time in a very long time. I woke up feeling healthier and having energy.

I am not going to loose a ton of weight fast… my body is healing and will take its own sweet time. The program is working, noted by the fact I lost any weight at all.

I spend far too much time focused on the scale. Time to work on my perception of success and find strong motivation outside the scale.

Today, I am proud that I did my best, & I was successful in my endeavor.

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