Struggling in Maintenance?

Do you think wine is your friend? Are you struggling to maintain your weight loss and have no idea why? Well,… wine may not be your friend after all! Nutritional value and calorie estimates for wine are estimated at 123 calories for a 5 oz serving. Most wine drinkers would say a bottle 750 ml serves four glasses. This increases the serving size to 6.4 oz and 153 calories! At these numbers if you had four glasses a week you would gain nearly 10 lbs per year. At six glasses per week, you would consume the calorie equivalent of nearly 15 lbs per year. There is no problem with wine in maintenance but if you don’t burn these extra calories off with exercise, expect them to show up on the scale!

• 4 glasses of wine per week = 10 pounds per year

• 6 glasses of wine per week = 15 pounds per year

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