Playing with my food

Today is cold, wet, icky… I do not want a salad!!!!

When I was a kid I was a first class picky eater… veggies… ugh! Since starting IP I have become a veggie lover… but I have also learned to embrace flavor… (I grew up on just salt!)

Today, when I have the opportunity, I like to play with flavors… and my veggies!

Today I started with the fact that cold veggies where not going to work!  I had my veggies that go in my salad… so I decided to cook them… yellow bell peppers, angel hair cabbage, mushrooms, & green beans… spray a little Pam… hmmmm.

Needed a little somethin.  I had some taco seasoning (from Janeva’s cookbook)… better.

Still needs a little something…. I have a bunch of flavors of WF Dressings… Italian… with taco seasoning… not today…. Bacon Ranch… maybe… wait… Honey Dijon… well that sounds exciting… boom!


oh yeah, will repeat this!!!!! Yummmmm!!!!


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