The smoosher

After thinking through yesterday, it occurred to me that I was more than a little remiss on many things last year.

I missed my dental cleaning… which I NEVER miss. I didn’t do my semi-annual blood work (I get it drawn every 3 months and missed the last one.) I also missed my annual grope session with the radiologist.

Taking my life back means getting these things done. Had my appointment at lunch, and it feels good to know I am taking care of me.

We spend a lot of time putting others first.. that is a coping mechanism… you don’t need me to tell you… “you can’t help others if you don’t help yourself first.”

While I doubt that saying means push the kids out of the way and stuff yourself first… it does mean you need to make time for you… check your health, check your habits… make the tiny (or major) changes to get you on course… WHILE you give someone your slightly divided attention!

Ladies… don’t forget the smoosher… like putting a little weight back on… the earlier you catch it… the better!!!!img_8201

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