Easily distracted by tasty objects.


I saw this shirt and was laughing… hard enough for tears to come out my eyes… and then the tears were no longer laughter.

I absolutely relate to this shirt, and the struggle is REAL!!!!

I wake up everyday. Today is going to be perfect. I have my food prepped and ready to go. My walking shoes are next to my bed. My clothes are laid out. I am READY… and then I throw the covers off… it’s cold and dark…. it’s raining… and so it starts.

Everyday I am deluged with things that try to derail me. It’s just not that easy to stay 100 focused. But, in order to be where I want to be… I can not be derailed.

So this shirt reminds me… it’s easy to loose focus… but I am strong. I am worth it…. I have stopped crying. Let’s do this!!!!

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