Getting Out of the Cheating Spiral



It wasn’t as bad as the Birthday Binge, but the indulgences were spread out and went on for longer. I was more careful to minimize carbs and rice as to not have another bathroom disaster. I also made sure to consistently drink at least one or two glasses of warm water with ACV during the day and Smooth Move Tea at night. This was after Renee had already given the advice to surround myself with positive people that want to help me succeed and to cut out ones that don’t. However, it’s my family that stresses me the most. I can’t cut them out.

I’m still trying to learn how to cope with my emotional eating. I’m also realizing that french fries are my kryptonite. Rare pastries I haven’t eaten in awhile are appealing as well. As I type this, I ate two mini chocolate cream cheese bundlets from a co-worker. And what started the cheating was leftover french fries from the same co-worker in combination with my family not respecting my boundaries. I was doing so well and I know I won’t make as much progress my next weigh-in.


Rather than focus on a lack of progress I’m finally following through with Renee’s suggestion of writing my positive accomplishments of 2016:


Secured a full-time job in a preferred career field.

Got out of an abusive relationship.

Found a home for just myself and my dog.

Completed an empowerment seminar and reconnected with family.

Made the most progress with de-hoarding so far and have half a storage unit left to tackle.

Created enough room in my life for a 2nd corgi – Maximus.

Started Ideal Protein and lost 30 lbs. in 3 months.
Healed a broken heart.


And for 2017 I’ve already managed to:

Get hired permanently.

Go on a date.

Complete the advanced seminar.

Chat more regularly with my sisters.


I have decided to focus on what is in my control: myself and my progress. I’m experimenting with more dessert recipes. Trying to create the chocolatiest things possible, but still remaining on protocol. I’m also on the hunt for rutabagas. To get out of this spiral, I am overdosing on positive things and puppies.



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