Chicken patties

As I mentioned in prior posts, I had gastric bypass 13 years ago. Every 5 years I do a 5 day pouch test.  The goal is to help train my brain to recognize feeling full.

Today’s food intake  is all about soft proteins.  Typically people eat tuna. I, however, am allergic… so soft proteins for me are canned chicken & eggs… canned chicken is not the best choice, but it’s inexpensive and typically tender enough.

These little patties are made of 1 can of chicken drained, 1egg scrambled, and whatever seasoning you like.  I used salt and pepper and a little monterey chicken seasoning.

Combine all ingredients and make into a patty.  Place the patty into a frying pan with either non-stick oil or olive oil mist.  Cook each side for 2-4 minutes over medium heat.

You want the patty crispy.  These are EASY, inexpensive, and can be made for the whole family!  Serve with a salad, on an IP bread, or as a quick grab and go.

They were too good to share with Belle!  Sad puppy!


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