Working through the “why me” crap!

Why do I have to battle obesity? Why is it that looking at fast food is enough to gain weight? Why does my body have so many obstacles? Why?

Sadly, there is no magic cure. There isn’t a pill to take. It takes dedication and hard work. And it takes everything you have. You lose sight, and poof… It is soooooo easy to lose focus… and it’s REALLY hard to get it back. But, it’s not impossible!

If you have lost focus… you have to start somewhere. Start small. Plan a walk, clean a drawer, pay a bill, log whatever you ate in your food journal. Just be sure your honest.

Remember… Success isn’t just reaching your ultimate goal.. it’s reaching the little goals you set everyday. Even when everything in your body is screaming!

My goal for today is to be mindful and record everything I eat. In recording my food, I can make the best choices. And each good choice leads to my ultimate goal.

Come on body and brain, we can do this! Focus… baby steps! One little victory at a time!

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