Frisky Friday feelings

I woke up before 4 this morning.  Wide awake… can’t go back to sleep… head churning.

I have been a bit overwhelmed lately.  Feeling like I am swimming upstream… all the time!

This morning I spent a little time assessing my mental state.  I hit on the fact that this is a pattern for me.  I take on something new, focus so hard on learning that, and everything else gets pushed to a corner… diet, exercise, housework, cooking, planning, the poor dog.  I don’t take time to put a little effort into my appearance.  It’s take a shower and get started.

I have tell tale signs.  No makeup, hair in a bun or pony tail.  Sweat pants and tennis shoes… no groceries in the house… dishes in the sink… laundry waiting to be done.

I took a look around..  low and behold… didn’t even know where my hair brush was… laundry over flowing (I have way too many clothes)…  Just out of control.

Every once in a while you need to reassess where you are, what you are doing, and why.  If it’s not what you were hoping to find… fix it.  Not tomorrow… now.

Yes, I am giving myself this pep talk.  I woke up not liking what I saw… but that’s ok.  I’m on it!!!!



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