A little competition

Do you respond to challenges well?  I am not talking about life’s challenges.  I am focusing more along the lines of healthy competition.

I find that I don’t respond well to winner takes all kind of challenges.  I am more apt to take a back seat and let someone else claim victory… but when the competition allows for everyone to win at some level, I push.

The past week my friends and I have been challenging each other to meet our daily step goals.  A few of my friends are over achievers!  I found that, while I don’t care who “wins”, I don’t want to be left way behind.  So I have really stepped it up!

Yesterday I was in meetings all day, so my ability to get steps was very limited.  I was exhausted when I got home after a 9 hour day and a two hour commute… took a look at my steps… put on my shoes and went for a good walk!

Talk about winning.  Puppy and I met our step goal, I slept 7 straight hours, I woke up refreshed and proud, and it gave me the reinforcement to stay on track today.  Yet another win, my friend told me I was encouraging her to stay in the game with her steps!

If you are struggling, invite a friend to a little healthy competition.  Support one another.

pictures are coming the trail we walk, puppy, and my Fitbit.  Please note, it was not a 49 minute 5 mile walk… this is cumulative for the day, and I still haven’t figured out how it comes up with the amount of time you exercise!

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