Making it work

As someone who has battled weight my entire life… dieting is not a new concept. Calories is minus calories out… so we have always been taught.

But what if that isn’t correct? What if when you eat and what is happening while you eat are just as much part of the equation?

I know Ideal Protein works. I living proof of this. But in the last few months I let myself return to some really crummy habits. Not prepping healthy options, eating on the run, eating in my car, and eating in front of the TV. All of which lead to unhealthy choices that I am not able to record because I don’t even remember what I ate.

The reason Ideal Protein worked for me is that I ate with mindfulness. I did that for the first year on maintenance and kept it off. I let that slip and bam, the weight creeped on.

Sure there are lots of excuses… and I could give hundreds… but instead I called my coach. I started recording every bite. I am writing this blog to say: screw ups happen. Fix it and start writing it all down, don’t hide.

I am giving myself this pep talk. If it helps anyone else, great! But I can only control me… and that takes all my effort.

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