Keeping it fresh

When I am most successful it’s because I plan and prep.  This past weekend I took a bit of control and spent time planning and prepping.

There are lots of tips out there to help you plan.  Make a meal plan, where the food builds.. for example crockpot a bunch of chicken for shredded chicken tacos and cut up into your sakad.  Makes sense right?  Then you go to the grocery store… a single trip all week if you pre plan your menu.

But the kicker has always been how to save veggies.  Let’s face it, once you cut the veggie it doesn’t last… or does it?

No fancy equipment needed!!! I diced up lettuce, peppers, cucumbers for a week… 4 days in, still really crisp and fresh.

I bought in bulk to keep costs down.  I washed the lettuce and spun it 3 times because I don’t want to get sick!  I sliced it into bite sized strips.  Lay a dry paper towel at the bottom of a sealable bowl (I have a big Tupperware one!). Place cut lettuce on top.  Then lay a wet paper towel on top of the cut lettuce.  Close the lid… that’s all there is to it.  I have kept cut letttce up to 10 days crispy and fresh… never tried to go longer because at 7-10 days I run out!!!

To keep peppers, slice and wrap in paper towel and store in a ziplock baggy.  Cucumbers I place in a bowl of ice water after slicing.

salads are easy grab and go… just dump in the bowl and your off.


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