Random acts of kindness

My coach and I were talking and I was relaying a story. She commented on how I take emotions in, and how they affect me deeply.

I did some listening and assessing this week. She is right… but it is who I am. When something happens, good or bad, to someone I care about… I get charged emotionally.

When I am emotionally charged, I don’t necessarily take time to make decisions. I react.

Two weeks ago I was dealing with this emotionally charged reaction. To counteract it, I was trying to do random acts of kindnesses to strangers.

This week, I was focused on me. How selfish right? Wrong! I was still doing random acts of kindness for others, I just made sure I was being kind to me too!

The funny thing is, I had more energy to give. I had more joy to give. I made smart choices, and had less guilt. Morale of the story for me: Do not just practice random acts of kindness on others. Surprise yourself too! It helps spread the good things in life: kindness, joy, and love.

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