The gift of prepping

I know it’s only been a week… and I know I am a hormonal train wreck… but for the first time in a while I feel good. It doesn’t matter what the scale says…

I see a lot of posts about people on their second+ round. You get back on and it’s harder. That is true.

It’s also true that you can do it. I tried several times to restart… but I didn’t give it my all. I was micro cheating. Cheats that happen because you are not 100% focused. Fattier meats, a little extra oil, a dash of this, a lick of that… just one bite won’t hurt… poof derailed.

Last Saturday I sat with my coach for the first time in a while. There was no lecture. Just love and support. Instead of feeling bad about the weight gain.. I was encouraged to plan and prepare for where I am right now.

I spent a few hours prepping for the week… I made my menu plan, purchased my groceries, prepped my veggies, and precooked what I could.

I stopped worrying about my next meal because it was ready to go. Seriously, I actually gave myself an extra 30 minutes of sleep every morning by not having to get up and deal with making lunches and pulling out “something” for dinner. If I was running late at night, my hubby knew what was planned and could help out. I could start my day logging all my food into MyFitnessPal… and know I was on track!

I lost sight of how powerful prepping and planning can be. I work 40+ miles from home, and I have been working 9-10 hour days. Work life balance is critical but hard to do… spending an additional hour a day agonizing over what to feed everyone, especially when the menu request is “whatever” (my least favorite meal to cook by the way!), is draining.

This week could have been just another “whatever” kind of week… but it wasn’t! Planning and prepping gave me more time to relax…. and that is the best gift ever!!!!!


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