Common Questions – Why do some new clients feel nausea, for how long, and what is the solution?

Nausea is most commonly experienced in clients who are not used to eating breakfast. If the body is not used to processing a morning meal, and we suddenly introduce it, the stomach needs some time to adapt.

We recommend for these clients to start their day with lighter Ideal Protein products, such as our drinks, and introduce the foods into their diet slowly. If someone who isn’t used to eating breakfast suddenly begins their day with our Pancake or Omelet products, chances are they are not going to feel very well. Instead try our Ready-to-Serve Vanilla, Cappuccino, or Chocolate Drink, either on their own, or as the creamer in your morning coffee. This will ensure that you get your protein in a very light meal & the body will be able to process easily. 

The other common trigger for nausea is an abrupt decrease in sugar intake. Everyone must understand that, through our protocol, we are changing fundamental metabolic processes. For years, sometimes decades, a typical diet consisting of a lot of fast sugars is consumed, which is used as the first source of energy by the body. Now, if we drastically reduce the intake of these foods, we force the body to turn to other sources of energy (i.e. fat stores). This requires a whole different set of metabolic enzymes, and requires the body to re-tool its metabolism. This does not happen immediately and therefore a slight lag-time can occur, and the client will feel weak and nauseous. Typically this will go away after a day or two. Keep drinking lots of water and flushing your system. 

This will allow you to taper off your previous high sugar-based diet and give the body time to get the necessary metabolic machinery in place so that you will be able live off your fat reserves. What we are doing here is weaning you off your former diet.

Be patient with the process because it really works and it really makes sense!

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