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Hi, this is my first blogpost so I would love to introduce myself first. I am Sakshi, mom of twins, who is taking a second go at Ideal Protien. In my first round, this diet transformed not only mine but also my family’s health and eating habits. Now, I am back to Renee for making some more progress along with accountability.

I don’t enjoy cooking and am always looking for easy, super quick and healthy IP recipes, that can also work for my family with small adaptations, so that I don’t have to cook separate meals for them. Here is one that I find super easy to make and provides great nutrition too.

Creamy Asparagus Soup

Growing up in India, this was a new vegetable for me when I moved to the US. I experimented with several asparagus recipes unsuccessfully before I discovered this simple Vitamix soup recipe, which my kids have also fallen in love with, making it easy to fulfill their daily dose of greens along with me meeting the IP protocol.


1. 1 bundle of asparagus spears

2. Half to three-fourth box of organic chicken broth (quantity can be varied depending on whether you like your soup thick or thin)

3. Salt, pepper, garlic powder to taste/ couple of peeled garlic cloves

4. 1 sachet of stevia


1. Chop the asparagus spears and steam them till soft. (I usually steam my veggies in my Tupperware steamer in the microwave for 4-5 mins)

2. I used a store bought chicken broth, but you could use homemade vegetable or chicken broth if you prefer

3. I dump the broth, steamed asparagus, salt, pepper, garlic and stevia in my Vitamix jar and blend it on ‘soup mode’ (guess you could boil the ingredients for 5 mins and grind in a blender for similar consistency without a vitamix) Vitamix has this magic to make everything taste great and the soup comes out with a great creamy texture, steaming hot and ready to serve! (The Vitamix too has played a huge role in transforming our family’s food habits- soups and smoothies!)

For my kids, I sometimes add a quarter cup of whipping cream and stir it into their hot soup, making it tastier for them as ‘cream of asparagus.’

I love my cup of hot asparagus soup on cloudy days like today and pair it up with some grilled chicken breast or 2 pan cooked eggs on the side for myself, and a grilled chicken/cheese sandwich for my kids.

The grocery stores are flooded with fresh asparagus these days as it’s spring, so I am making this soup every week on days that I am feeling lazy and yet want something hot that is packed with nutrition.

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