Surprise visit

I started the day out with a solid plan: an IP Pancake for breakfast. A pre-made IP Strawberry-Banana drink for my mid-morning snack. I had an IP chicken noodle soup and bell peppers planned for lunch, an IP Dill Pickle Zippers for afternoon snack, and a turkey breast zucchini and mushroom “stir fry” for dinner…

But then my early morning side jobs unexpectedly took me to Hayward, and I did not have my lunch, afternoon snack, or dinner foods with me. It was suddenly 12:30 and I needed to eat to stay on schedule, soon. I ran into Safeway and looked for compliant foods.

I grabbed 2 cage-free hard boiled eggs, some sliced jicama, 2 baby cucumbers, and as a treat, an unsweetened brewed iced green tea from Starbucks. I had my mini IP salt handy and used some on my cukes and eggs, and drank a bottled water with it all. I had bought myself a little time to get home and get back on track.

….BUT THEN, my sister called me to tell me that they (and my cousin visiting from Houston) suddenly came to my place in East San José and wanted to go to the boardwalk today, so how fast could I get back…

I got home in 40 minutes, realized I wouldn’t be able to make my dinner by the time I should have it, so I grabbed and peeled a full sized cucumber, some frozen (pre-cooked) grilled chicken strips, an arugula and baby spinach mix, some apple cider vinegar, and a bag of IP Sweet and Spicy Trail Mix, and also my soup packet, and we hit the road.

I am so grateful for the times I grabbed a few extra packets here or there when meeting with Renee, Judy, or Laura, and the packets that were given to me by a friend who had an extra stash, because I have a small inventory of my own to choose from when my plans don’t pan out. I am grateful for having quick, simple, ready-to-to options for when I don’t have time to prepare a meal. In other words, I’m grateful for planning to be prepared in just about any situation. “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail” (IT’S TRUE!)

Photo 1: my delicious lunch in the car

Photo 2: my eldest daughter (#2/4 kids), me (#1/5 sisters) and my sister (#2/5 sisters)

Photo 3: me, my sister (#4/5 sisters), and my eldest daughter.

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