T.o.m. (A blog for the ladies)

T.o.m. for those unaware of what it stands for, is Time Of Month.

I have been struggling with “hormonal imbalances” for a few years now. This has caused me to have irregular periods, sometimes lasting 3 solid months without a blood-less day, and often so heavy I can’t make it through an hour without needing to change my clothes and scrub any surface I have sat/laid down on (no matter what products I used to avoid a mess). The heavy ongoing blood loss has caused me to be anemic during my cycles, and often, suffer from blackouts.

Now, I can go on and on about the horrors of my pain and suffering, and all of the discomfort, but I think most of you understand that it was simply TOO MUCH!

I tried hormone therapies, I tried supplements, herbal remedies, and special diets. Nothing made it any better.

…until now. Being on IP has made many changes to my body, and one of those changes is my hormone balances. Since December 10th, I have been feeling more and more “normal” during my cycle, and they are starting to become regular. Lasting about a week, and not nearly as heavy as before. My black outs have been happening less frequently, and I’ve been feeling more energetic and stronger overall.

It really makes you think, doesn’t it? How something as simple as a weight loss protocol can help your body find balance again? Eating right, exercising, and drinking plenty of water are key to the centered and balanced body that we all once had.

This week, I am with T.o.m. and while I’m not at my best, I am so happy to no longer be at my worst. I am tired, I can barely do my chores, I really don’t want to eat because I keep feeling nauseous, and I have that unpleasant low belly and low back pain, but even still, I am able to get out of bed and drive my family around.

I had to make myself eat because I literally just couldn’t even today…but I had my IP wild berry yogurt for breakfast. An IP Orange Wafer packer for snack, and an IP Matcha Green Tea for afternoon snack. I especially enjoyed my lunch, a Tomato Pita stuffed with grilled bell peppers and spicy pickles. The tomato pita was using my IP Tomato & Basil soup packet, and a recipe found in Janeva’s cookbook. It was just what I needed to feel satisfied and not nauseous.

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