Yummy Gummies

Inspired by recipes posted in Dea’s Facebook group, for Valentine’s Day I had experimented with my own recipe for IP gummies, and would like to share with all of you.

Tips for making gummies: I use the packets of Knox Unflavored Gelatin, and each packet is equal to 1 Tbsp of gelatin. To make “creamy” gummies, use IP pre-made vanilla drink instead of water. For “sour” gummies, roll finished gummies in citric acid.* For each 1/4C of boiling liquid (water, or an IP Pre-made drink), mix 1 packet (or 1 Tbsp) of unflavored gelatin. Flavoring with IP Drink Enhancers gives a great taste! Essential oils are another FANTASTIC way to get great flavor and satisfy cravings, without adding carbs.

For my gummies, I used 1 packet of IP Mangosteen drink enhancer, 3 TBSP of gelatin, and 3/4C IP Vanilla Pre-Made drink instead of water. I also repeated the recipe with 1 IP Tangerine Drink Enhancer, 3TBSP of Gelatin, 3/4C IP Vanilla Pre-Made Drink, and 2 drops of dōTERRA Tangerine Essential Oil (feel free to reach out if you’re interested in dōTERRA Essential Oils).

  • Heat on medium heat until consistency is smooth and gelatin has dissolved.
  • Pour (or use a dropper) into gummy bear molds * and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
  • Voilà. You made some Yummy Gummies!

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