Stevia and gluten free products!

Hi everyone! Coach Laura here. I wanted to talk with you a bit about the Stevia sweetened products and gluten-free products. Some of us having stricter dietary restrictions and I wanted to highlight two topics that are close to my heart. I personally have been gluten free for over 8 months and that works well for me. So without further adieu, the list of products:


-Vanilla Chai Latte drink mix

-Lemon Matcha Green Tea drink mix

-Hibiscus & watermelon drink mix

(Hoping for stevia-sweetened bars in the future!)

Gluten Free:

Chocolate crispy square

Chocolate drink mix

vanilla drink mix

Cappuccino drink mix

Vanilla chai drink mix

Lemon Matcha drink mix

Pina colada drink mix

orange drink mix

pineapple & banana drink mix

Wildberry yogurt drink mix

Fresh herb omelette mix

Bacon & cheese omelette mix

Oatmeal (Apple/maple)

Crispy cereal

Peach & mango drink mix

All puddings

many of the soups

All premades!



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