New Year, New Opportunities


Happy New Year to each of you! As the new year begins we have the unique opportunity to look back on 2019 and take stock of the things that went as planned, those things where our plan needed adjusting and the things that just flat out didn’t work. I hesitate to think of the new year as a new you (or me) as I am the same person. My views, experiences, trials, successes and missteps get taken with me into the new year. What I get to do, however, is adjust my thoughts or actions to change the outcome. Each of you have the same opportunity. It is not necessarily a “new you” but a new way to think, act, or respond to all of those things that make us bristly, uncomfortable, irritated or complacent.

In the world of “national days”, today is National Gain Day (yes, its such a thing!!). May I humbly suggest that each of us focus on something that we would like to gain instead of “resolutions” that can leave us feeling less than or somehow a failure at something. Maybe you would like to gain self control of our lives, confidence, respect, courage, a job, a different job or even a degree. 2020 is a new chapter in your Book of Life. Make each page count.

Please stop in to Reformations to see Judy, Renee, Lydia, Jenn or myself if we can be part of your 2020 journey.


Happy New Year!



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