Welcome to the First Monday of 2020

Ideal Protein has re-branded themselves and you will be seeing their new logo and packaging incorporated into our offices in the coming weeks and months as new inventory starts arriving. There are also some changes to the protocol. Watch this video for the updated program. Please get in touch with us with your questions or to restart at anytime! Happy 2020!!

Here are ways to connect and get the accountability and support that you need to be successful:

❑ LOG YOUR DAILY FOOD DIARY. Download the app My Fitness Pal. It has all the Ideal Protein products. Share your food diary with me. My user name is Reformation1.
❑ Watch Your Daily Video by downloading the Ideal Smart App
❑ Read our website at: www.idealproteinLG.com or www.idealproteindesert.com
❑ Join our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ipbayarea
❑ For our clients: PRIVATE group: Ideal Protein Bay Area & Palm Desert
❑ Recipe Blog: www.idealproteinlg.com/recipes
❑ Recipe E-Books: Dea’s Recipes
❑ Be social: Find us on YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Podbean and Twitter
❑ Read books: Suzanne Somers & Christiane Northrup – female & male hormones and how they affect weight gain. Others: Wheat Belly, Grain Brain, PH Miracle, Sugar Salt Fat, The Beck Diet Solution.
❑ EMAIL WITH ANY QUESTIONS!!  lgweightloss@gmail.com


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