My First Trip

Some family members are coming to visit from the north east in about a week.  They’re desperate to get out of the cold weather, so we’re meeting in LA.  I hope it’s nice enough to take them to the beach – even if we just sit there in sweatshirts and take in some sun.  But that got me to thinking….  now that I’ve lost some weight, how will the bathing suits that I already own fit?  I took the plunge and decided to try them on.  An improvement – I certainly look better than I did last summer – but I’ve still got quite a ways to go on Ideal Protein.  I’ve lost a little over 1/3 of the weight I hope to lose.  So – I’m really thinking about my July lake vacation.  I’ve got time between now and then, so it should only get better!  It’s certainly a motivator to see progress and not be completely freaked out when trying on suits!

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