Getting Used to the New Me

When I was losing quickly in the beginning, I found that other people (and even me) were really noticing the changes.  You start to think things are pretty dang good – because you feel better, your clothes are falling off and people are commenting regularly.  There is not much time to get used to the new body shape because it keeps changing. People tell you to stop, because you’ve lost too much etc etc.

But then, for various reasons mentioned in other posts, my weight loss slowed.   Everyone, including me, is now used to the new me.  The comments stop and you can see yourself for how you really are.  This is good, because I’m not where I want to be yet.  When I was losing fast and went shopping, I was so excited because clothes fit (finally!).  But, I went shopping this past weekend, and since I can see myself clearly now, I see there is still plenty more to do.  So, that’s good!  I think it has provided a little bump in my motivation level.  23 to go.  And then I’ll reassess then too, to see if that’s really the place to land.

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