Back in the rythm

Last week, starting to feel like a human being again after being really stressed out, I committed to doing something nice for myself every day…the whole take care of myself first thing.  I did it, too.

I did nothing major, just a few pilates classes, bubble baths, and bought my favorite shampoo & conditioner.  Little things that make me happy.  It felt great and it showed on the scale: I had my largest fat loss in WEEKS and actually felt the loss.  Oprah was right….again!

In addition to spending a little bit of time every day spoiling myself, I also was very addicted to my massive to-do list.  I was pedantic about writing everything down and adding things to it.  I was also a maniac about crossing things off my list.  It energized me to end the day with less to do than I started.  I am chipping away at it and might now be an actual machine.

A few other things added to my excellent week.  First of all, I finally got one of those machines that makes veggies into noodles.  Making veggies more exciting was a game changer, I’ve been bored senseless and really struggling on getting my veggies in every day.  The fake noodles satisfy so many cravings, I am now a full-fledged addict.  I got a Misto, one of those things that sprays olive oil-it simply makes cooking easier for me.  Finally, I have been a water drinking monster.  I might be the next mutant in the next X-men movie and my superhuman ability will be my water guzzling abilities.

So after a week feeling like a rock star I have to look at the week ahead.  The goals I am making for myself this week are to do more of the same.  I have a schedule of classes that I will take this week (yoga, pilates, and barre), I know exactly what on my to do list needs to be completed this week, and I have my goals in the front of my mind to keep myself focused.  I will also keep guzzling water.

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