Pre-planning and packing

Getting my stuff organized for a fun trip. Meeting up with my sister and nephew in NYC! (I am a California Native).

I am taking a huge suitcase…. Not because I take up so much room, but for the first time in my life I fit the rack clothes in New York!!!! I am a size 6… I was in NY 2 years ago at size 18…

No car, so lots of walkin! Planning to take my tennis shoes and shorts and tshirts for running around. I need 2 dresses for America’s Got Talent (Tuesday and Wednesday). Packing a cooler of fresh veggies and hard boiled eggs for the plane, powdered drink mix and a shaker bottle.

Hmm… I am giving myself one splurge meal while I am gone. I have taken off the wedding splurge weight so I am golden… But my dress is fitted and going crazy and feeling bad about myself are NOT on my agenda for the trip!!!!

I think I need help with my packing list!!! To excited to think clearly!!!!

Any thought would be greatly appreciated!

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