Note to self: Don’t get cocky

imageNote to self: Don’t get cocky

In the grand scheme of things, I am still really proud of where I am. Trying really hard to focus on the positives.

Humor me for a moment while I ruminate on a life lesson… Sometimes life is overwhelming… And old habits are sneaky little you know whats!

Last week I did fairly well. Stuck to my plan for the most part. This week I threw the proverbial baby out with the bath water. On Monday I was on a roll, so I worked straight through for 11 hours… I was home, so I ate well enough, and I don’t keep junk food around. Tuesday, back to back meetings, someone brought me food because I wasn’t getting up… Hmmmm they brought hamburgers and French fries. I was starving and couldn’t leave… So I ate. OK, my brain did the math… Will call that our cheat meal this week… But then it didn’t stop! Diner was also hamburgers (et all). Wednesday and Thursday both started with good intentions… And ended in a searing fat intake orgy.

Thus ends my spiral. Today I kept my appointment with my coach (I thank God for Renee and Judy.). And I stepped on that scale.

Tears will not help, and you can’t loose 6 pounds of tears crying!!!!

Today is my new day 1. These old habits are too easy to let get out of hand. I am not willing to continue the backhanded relationship I have with certain foods. Sorry Starbucks, but I am breaking up with you… You have too many things in your display case!!!! (Drive through is still acceptable in a pinch.). Hasta la vista dairy…. You make me sick and I don’t want to be sick!!!!

The road I am on is full of twists and turns. That is not an excuse to not take care of myself! So here I am, planning my meals for a weekend on the road. Enjoying my beautiful salad. Ready to pull my big (figuratively speaking) girl panties up, and get off the yo-yo ride!

Feeling proud that I can stop a negative, that I am strong enough to know when I need help. Very grateful that my coaches are ready willing and able to be open and honest with me.

Here is to taking control, and not loosing focus!

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