Attack of the carb monster

Call of the carb monster.

On Friday I stood on the scale and faced the music. I then came home and planned how to tackle a weekend on the road.

I had a 6 hour drive, a tail gate party, a football game, a post game celebration, and then a 6 hour drive home.

Cheating is not an option! I made sandwich rolls, roasted turkey, diced up veggies. Everything was baggied and labeled. The cooler packed, and we hit the road. I did great.

Then we came home.

Why does life throw tests at you? I am fighting so hard to be healthy inside and out! My life is fine, but so many around me are really struggling with major issues. Death, divorce, job loss… Real issues…

I have had 5 people call me today… Just to listen to them.

I listened, and listened… And then I wanted to stuff my face… The carb monster was calling my name. It tried to tempted me with promises of comfort, that I know to be lies.

But I didn’t cave. I made my IP pizza crust, topped it with a ton of sautéed veggies, and patted myself on the back for doing what I tell everyone else. Take care of you. Make you happy with healthy choices.

Feeling strong and positive about my own path. Still there for my friends, but I am only responsible for fixing myself… And today I choose to make the healthy choice for me.image image

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