Dream Big

You gotta have a dream

Several years ago I put a bunch of dreams on a piece of paper. Then I set out to tackle them.

Loose weight
Scuba dive
Do a 10K
Learn to kayak
Ride a century

Seemed like a good list, and I figured some of them would never happen. Isn’t it amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it??? Check all those off! Now what???

I have spent a lifetime “dreaming” about achieving my goal weight. Now what??? I’m here. I still feel the same. Just a lot thinner and capable of more than ever before. I have walked half marathons (7 of them), I have completed a metric century on my bike. I am certified as a search and rescue diver and have over 100 dives recorded. I lead kayaking trips. So physically I am in great shape!

I need a challenge!

I have decided that I need to balance the physical with the mental! I am going back to school. (Cue the inner Oh Crap). So today I had an appointment with a guidance counselor and created a plan of action. Yes, that’s right you need a plan.

This got me thinking. With IP, the secret to my success was, without a doubt, planning. I planned my schedule, I planned my meals, and I planned for the unexpected! I still have an emergency stash of IP products in my desk and car! If you are just reacting, and there is no plan, you are not setting yourself up for success. I am in phase 4. Successful splurge and recover days are planned. When I get hit with the unexpected, and I don’t put plan B into action, the scale shows it!!!

I have a plan (several actually). Do you?

Here is to making dreams come true!image

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