Honoring the past by change

Every year on this date I am reminded that the world forever changed.

September 10th 2001 I was flying home from New York. It was my first trip to New York and the very last thing I did was go to the World Trade Center.

I remember taking the elevator to the top. I remember going out into a big room, and an escalator to take you to the very top, outside. I am terrified of heights and the thought of going up further was debilitating. Up I went anyway. It was a clear day, and you could see the reflections of the towers in the Hudson. They were tall and strong.

I flew home and that night I showed my husband the pictures and told him I thought he would love the experience.

The next day they were gone.

So much has changed since that fateful day. I divorced and remarried. I lost all of the excess weight. I have changed jobs, moved to a different state and back again. A new tower has been built.

Real life is about constant change.

Change doesn’t mean you don’t remember, reflect, celebrate, or mourn. But we can learn, take a deep breath, and keep moving forward.

I will forever be changed, and I will honor September 11th for the rest of my life by living fully, trying new things, and not letting fear rob me of experiences.

Today, and every day going forward is the right moment to start!!!! Take a step to health, healing, and honoring yourself.


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