Don’t Blink

So I just realized I have been living the IP life for a year! Man the time went fast.

When I first began, I was a mess. I was in a cast, struggled to walk, and I was angry. I was mad at myself, my life, my world.

I remember the day my doctor and I talked about options for my foot. I had been in a cast since July and it was now September with no end in site. The first option provided was surgery on the tendon. Essentially they would cut the tendon, clean it up and try reattaching it. This sounded like a terrible idea to me. They were talking 2 years or more to “potentially” heal! Oh hell no!

As usual the discussion came back to “if you loose a little weight, it might help”. All righty then, how do you propose we do that??? I have been on every diet under the sun and a surgical option… You got something for my brain?

We researched together and found IP. Try this and let me know.

So I began my journey on September 19, 2014 weighing 209 pounds. Easy peasy…

And that was the day of my first test on IP. One of good friends was in a significant accident. I spent my first night on program in a hospital waiting room while he had a 13 hour procedure. And I had nothing with me but a bar…

All around me people where eating. It was like a funeral with how many people showed up with food! And I focused on self love.

Lesson learned to ALWAYS have a day’s worth of food stashed in your car!!!!!

I will remember that day, and the lessons it brought. My friend is alive, though he will face challenges as a result of the accident for the rest of his life. September 19 changed us both forever.

A year later I am happy to say we have learned to adapt and get stronger every day!

I have maintained my goal since April, and I am out of a cast and enjoying life! My IP journey will never end. This is part of who I am, now and forever!

And just so you know, I blinked and that year was over! Time sure goes fast!

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