What the heck???

Went to dinner with my girls, and we sat and gabbed and giggled, and then giggled to the point of absurdity.

The waiter came by a few times and asked if everything was all right. Yep, just having fun and enjoying our dinner. Thanks. The last time he came over, same question… Same answer… But this time he pulled up a chair….

Ladies, you have been here for 3 hours… You look like your having fun and are genuinely enjoying each others company but not one of you has eaten….


I had a great night out with my girls. And my time with them was more important than eating!!!!!

OMG, I have been invaded by pod people!!!!! Oh wait, all is good… This is just my new life style!!!! Friends, laughter, and love are an awesome side effect of IP!

Life is good!!! Thank goodness for friends who love and support us!

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