how to rock a work luncheon

Never stop being your best cheerleader

Here is the situation. I went to a business lunch today with some co-workers to celebrate the December birthdays.

An Italian restaurant was selected for the 10 of us to meet at 11:30. It was 10am, and I was already hungry! I had my bar and a huge bottle of water knowing that it would be a while before we walked in, ordered and were served!

We get to the restaurant and there isn’t a single thing without butter, sauce, fried, or cheese… And the waitress was not thrilled with everyone special ordering. For me, allergies are a bigger issue, and I wasn’t sure that would be taken seriously… So after 3 attempts to order something I decided to have water and enjoy the company.

I was social and having a ball… And that waitress kept coming back trying to force me to order something… I stuck to my guns, sipped my water, and enjoyed the company… Came back to work and had my afternoon shake with my spinach…. Not starving, don’t feel ill, and I am feeling strong in taking care of myself.

Many people made comments about my lack of food… And I simply said it just goes to show how much I enjoy your company as it’s not bothering me at all…

So relax, stand up for yourself with class, and enjoy the other things life has to offer… I had fun!!!!!!

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